The story of Flomare, which tells the passion for silver of a family that has worked in the gold industry for 2 generations from father to son, began 3 decades ago in a small workshop in the middle east. The family, which has been working by holding on to creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction since its first years of establishment, has moved its business to Melbourne.


Flomare’s work, which has been carried out with the understanding of “innovative creativity” has made us an expert in silver and jewelry, while also making us a pioneer.


The fact that Flomare has been in the gold industry for 3 decades does not only make us a very good designer and manufacturer, but has allowed digest the community habits and taken experience out of this. The most important elements of Flomare's success stories are; along with service and product quality, to provide trust and to make every Flomare user feel special.


To be a brand that offers the most suitable products and services to customer needs and expectations, appeals to all segments of the society with its wide product range and promise of real quality, right price, and contributes to the country’s economy by constantly creating difference and value with its deep-rooted history and experience in the sector.


To be a World brand that is followed and preferred in the world jewellery industry by carrying the innovative, pioneering and reliable brand identity in the targeted markets and gaining a competitive power.