Evil Eye Necklace Bracelet Combination

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Silver Set

Necklace and Bracelet

Material: 925 Karat Silver
Rock: Zircon
Plated: 14K Gold Plated

Accessory is always indispensable. It is known as the complement of our clothes. They are sold as silver bracelets or silver necklaces, which are never out of fashion. It impresses as the indispensable accessories of women.

This combination is sold at both an affordable price and high quality. For this reason, the silver necklace and bracelet presented as a combination complement your elegance in two ways. A lot of accessories are used especially by women. Accessories in various shapes attract attention. Whatever it is, it is used as a complement. This stylish combination is presented as a glass eye-shaking combination.

It is sold entirely in 925 sterling silver. It is more preferred because it is sold at a more affordable price than gold. It is carefully delivered by our company, which prioritizes quality. It is delivered in a special box. It is also sold as a gift when requested. It is important that the product to be used does not cause allergies. For this reason, you should know that you will not have any problems with silver jewelry. All kinds of warranty coverage is given for products sold under warranty.

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