Sea Nymph Necklace

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Silver Necklace

Material: 925 Karat Silver
Rock: Zircon
Plated: Rose Plated

A fairy is a spirit or supernatural creature found in the myths, folklore and mythology of many different cultures. He was often thought of and depicted as being human in appearance, often very small, and possessing supernatural powers such as flying, casting magic, seeing or influencing the future. It is said that water nymphs also bring good luck. For this reason, many necklace designers have created many different designs considering those who want to wear this legendary presence. Our Monolithic Sea Nymph Silver necklace is also designed for ladies who love nymphs. The nymph is a special creature and is thought to bring good luck. Therefore, it is a nice gift to give to your loved ones to bring good luck.
Silver necklaces are special products. Especially silver has many known benefits. One of the benefits of wearing a silver necklace is said to prevent radiation. It is known that among the benefits of the necklace made of silver, which is a natural antibiotic, it also neutralizes 400-450 types of bacteria. It is also said to prevent radiation. You should not leave silver jewelry, which also has anti-stress feature, with you in your daily life.

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