Star Necklace

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Silver Necklace

Material: 925 Karat Silver
Rock: Zircon
Plated: Rose Plated

Necklaces are one of the most favorite accessories of women. They look for designer necklaces to complement their outfits. The star figure is a figure loved by everyone. We further customized the star, combined it with silver and decorated it with stones. Our specially designed silver star necklace, which has a nice appearance with its special chain, is worked on 925 sterling silver.
Whether you are buying it to make your loved ones shine like a star or as a gift to yourself, you will feel more special with our specially designed silver star necklace.
It is made of rose gold plated so that it does not irritate the skin and does not darken at the same time. Whether you wear it with your casual clothes or for special occasions, our products are guaranteed. The specially designed silver star necklace, which we believe you will love to wear, is also a nice gift option for special occasions.
If you like both simplicity and shine, this product is for you. If you buy it for yourself, you will make yourself talk about your shine, if you buy it as a gift to someone else, your level in the eyes of the person you give will become even more special. Remember, special designs suit special people.

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